Patient Thank You Notes and Letters Kentfield Hospital

Patient Thank You Notes and Letters

I think it is great that she is learning how to work with her body. My warmest thanks for all of your hard work with us and your Feldenkrais training.  Thank you.


Dear Shara,

At dinner tonight M spontaneously said “My session with Shara was MAGIC today”.  I thought you would like to know.

I think she was relieved that you could pinpoint what it was and how she could work with it.


Thanks for all of your work, support, advice and encouragement these past 4 (only 4??) months!

I know I’ve sounded impatient at times, but I do realize how far along I’ve come, and I’m grateful to you for getting me there!


Dear Sheila,

Just a note to thank you for all you did to accomplish my recover.  You were a pleasure to spend time with.  Keep up your good work.

Very Sincerely


Dear Sheila,

I’m not sure if I’ll see you again after today so wanted to let you know how gratefule I am for your kindness and skill in helping me. I’ve enjoyed our interaction and wish you the best.


Dear Sheila

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave me to heal. I appreciate it.



I’ve been seeing a quite a lot of Kentfield outpatient in the last year abd I feel some kudos are really due. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with T.J. who transformed my raw, painfuly post-surgery hand into a sstrong, painless full-functioing hand.

I had worked with Kim on my post-surgery knee.  She is hard-working and very competent.

I also  cannot forget Janet up at the outpatient office who is very efficient, but also takes true concern in settin up appts, handling communication, and making everything run smoothly.

At all levels, superlative work by these three people and my deepest fratitude.

Thank you.


Thank you!  Without your friendship and kindness I would not have gotten through this.  I just want to say  Thank you!  I know you have a lot of people who you take care of, but I hope some remember me.  Take care!


Thank you everyone for all you have done for R and I.  Thank you for all of your love and support through R’s stay.  I will miss talking and laughing with all of you.

You all rock.

We will come back and visit.

Big hugs.

Love K and R

I want to start by thanking all of you for the services you provided to one of my most precious jewels.. . . Please know that again, I thank you with all of my heart for what you did for us.


Kentfield Staff,

We are so thankful for the time we have spent in Kentfield.  Thank you so much for the love and care you’ve shown.  It was here, at Kentfield, where we witnessed our love one laugh, smile & even lip sync during her final moments.  Thank you for your caring and attentive staff.  My family is forever grateful.

C Family


To All the Staff of Kentfield Rehabilitation and Specialty Hospital:

We would like to thank you for the tender loving care you have given to A.  Kentfield has been our second home for the past eight months and we trull appreciate all the doctors, nurses, CNAs, respiratory therapists, utility staff, kitchen staff, receptionists, her social worker, and all the other staff for the excellent care.

N Family


Words cannot express the gratitude that my mother & I have for all the staff at Kentfield Hospital in the great care that was given to my brother.  Compassion & genuine friendship to my brother & mother did not go unnoticed.  You are all the epitome of what excellent health care providers should be.  Thank you for giving my mother & I more time with my brother.  We are in debted to you for that.  Robin, Jennifer, Remi, Marizzi, Cleo, Jimmy, Matt, Matthew, Danielle, Loree, Rachelle, Brooke, Donna, Lisa & others whose names I can’t recall but are still appreciated.